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Autism and Anxiety

Children with Autism are known to be more naturally ‘anxious' than their non-ASD peers. The challenges presented by the 5 characteristics of Autism (social impairment, communication impairment, sensory sensitivity, repetitive behaviours and difficulty with change) potentially make their world a confusing and frightening reality. Add anxiety to the mix and you may have a child who is anxious and worried 100% of the time. Anxiety and stress over sustained periods of time is shown to lead to exhaustion, the development of allergies and illness.

Children with Autism demonstrate their anxiety through a variety/combination of behaviours:-

* Physical symptoms (stomach pains; headache; racing heart; sweaty palms; constricted chest; tight muscles; insomnia)
* Avoidance desire
* Inattention and
* Irritability

Anxiety in children with Autism can be triggered unconsciously; when this is coupled with their inability to verbalise effectively it compounds the effects of anxiety – the child with Autism can be extremely anxious, and unable to tell you why (they may not know themselves). They may be able to tell you they have a stomach ache, or don't wish to go to Joey's birthday party, but not know why.

Children with Autism are known to have ‘perfectionist' attitudes towards many areas of their lives, and this can be witnessed through their ‘obsessive/compulsive' behaviours, their repetitive patterns of behaviour and their difficulty coping with change. This self-imposed ‘perfectionist' attitude can contribute to their anxiety and ‘pressure to perform'. In other words, children with Autism usually place extreme/unrealistic demands on themselves. It's important to remember this when dealing with an anxious ASD child.

Some useful techniques for supporting an anxious child with Autism include:

* Redirection/distraction
* Physical energy ‘burn' (physical activity such as running, bike riding, jumping on a trampoline, swimming etc)
* ‘Whole-body' activities (tug-of-war; monkey-bar; rolling on floor/ground)
* Body brushing/massage
* Deep pressure activity (lying under a heavy blanket/cushions/mattress)
* Chewing/sucking (relieves pressure in the jaw)
* Listening (hearing what the child can tell you)

Anxiety levels in children with Autism are ‘cyclic' in nature, making it more difficult for parents/teachers/carers to identify anxiety triggers. Cycles vary from 4-6 weeks (often linking with lunar cycles). What causes the ASD child mild anxiety one week, may cause extreme anxiety ( and/or avoidance desire) the next.

When our son with Autism was 9 he progressed from a child who was slightly more anxious than his peers, to a child who was extremely anxious, paranoid and agitated in the space of 6 months. Various methods of dealing with anxiety were introduced by the many therapists/professionals treating our son, much of them with conflicting advice. All of them failed to acknowledge the physical symptoms our son with Autism experienced, tending to present the attitude that the anxiety was "self-imposed", and "if he's not going to speak about what's causing the anxiety, then we can't help him dispel the physical symptoms of that anxiety".

Our son with Autism is now nearly 16, and in the last year has begun to verbalise much more about his experience of that time. He tells us he was very frightened by his physical symptoms, and most of the time he didn't know what it was about a situation or event that was causing him anxiety, he just knew that the thought of participating sent him into panic. The ‘fight or flight' response occurred almost immediately (before he'd had a chance to process the feeling of panic) and he felt he had no control over his world.

He also says we should've listened to him more. For example, if he said didn't want to go to Joey's birthday party, we should've understood that he:-

a) knew birthday parties were fun
b) liked eating party food
c) liked singing Happy Birthday
d) knew all the other kids were going
e) wanted to be like all the other kids

We should've understood that if there was any way he could've coped with the party, he would go. At that point he'd already tried 100 things in his head to talk himself into going. In saying he didn't want to go, his real message to us was "I can't cope with that today".

As you support your child with Autism to cope with their anxiety be mindful of ‘hearing' them – not all avoidance desire is ‘manipulative' behaviour. Yes, children with Autism can be manipulative, but their desire to not be ‘different' together with their ‘perfectionist' attitudes is a strong, internal force that drives them to be all they can be.
©Nelle Frances 2005

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The Quran School Online

Quran is the Holly Book which revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).Literally meaning of Quran "A reading or reciting".However, the "Quran" has been historically used specifically to refer to the book which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).Quran is a literary masterpiece which the world has seen, nothing can be compared to the Holy Quran millions have become muslims upon simply hearing a verse from this amazing book, yet still the majority of humanity don't know much about it.

The Quran is the final and the last revolution from Allah Almighty to his creation.It was revealed in the year 610 AD to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and completed round about 23 years.These 23 years of revolution resulted in a book which comprised of 114 chapters and more than 6000 verses.All from this Quran is the primary source of law to live and die by for the whole mankind.The Quran preserved into original language.The contents of this amazing book are stored in the hearts of millions of muslims worldwide.Childern and adults have memorized the entire Holy Quran.There is no other religious scripture on earth which is orally preserved by so many and over such a period of time,without having been any changing somewhere along the line.Through out history many have tried to find out any mistake and error in Holy Quran to this day but no one has been able to bring any proof showing that this book is not from Allah Almighty.Quran spreading his light day by day and guiding the humanity to the rightous path.

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The history of umbrellas

The umbrella was invented in China. It appeared for the first time in China 3500 years ago. There are several popular legends about the invention of this famous accessory, including the most sent out, concerning Luban. According to the text "Eclats de Jade", the umbrella was invented by the wife of Luban, Yun, who was both very attentive and anxious for her husband who worked hard all the day. According to the folklore, it always rained when Yun brought Luban his daily meal. Therefore Luban built shelters on the way of his wife in order to keep her dry. Then inspired by children who used leafs of lotus to protect them against the rain, Luban contrived the first umbrella creating a bendable structure covered-up with fabrics.

In Ancient China, the umbrella was not only a common daily accessory but it also had a sociological meaning. A the end of the Wei dynasty, the umbrella was used for official ceremonies and rites. It was named the "Luo umbrella". According to the Zuo Zhuan, Jin book, the Luo accessory was the symbol of both the dignity and status, as was the official gown. For instance, the official members of the Han dynasty used green umbrellas and the Emperor of the Song dynasty used red and yellow ones. Emperors and officials used this accessory to show that they protected their nation.

As the umbrella pointed to both the fortune and the honour, it was often used during wedding ceremonies in China. It was also used for opera, song, dance and acrobatic art.

With the increase of exchanges with others countries, umbrellas gradually spread in the whole world. For example, under the Tang dynasty, Japan dispatched nineteen groups of missionaries to learn about the Chinese civilisation. Thus, the technical of umbrellas conception were introduced in Japan. At the middle of the 18th century, English businessman brought back umbrellas after their trip in China, which caused an important "revolution" in the United Kingdom. Nowadays, this famous accessory is indispensable for Great Britain …

Currently, in China, umbrellas may be the most common accessory with bikes. More than 90% are made in this country and then exported all around the world. Chinese use them when it rains as well as sunny days. They have created bikes and motorbikes with a support behind the saddle or on the handlebars, in order to fix their favourite accessory on their vehicles. Thus they can go everywhere whilst being protected against the rain and the harmful sun's rays. You can find in China many different and amazing models of "brollys" as they are used as fashionable accessories for the inhabitants of the country. That is why they provide a wide range of the famous products with many shapes and colours. The most common umbrella in Japan is transparent, made of transparent plastic and you can buy it almost everywhere, in kiosks and supermarkets. The traditional one, named wagasa, is made of bamboo and Washi, a Japanese paper. It is a really beautiful accessory which can be used to protect you against the rain as well as an object of decoration for your house. There are also the wagasa parasols, which are non oil-applied but which are as nice as the other ones and more durable
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We can love Math!

Many people consider math the curse of educaiton, the bane of learning, and most have a love hate relationship with it. Sure math can be difficult, but circumstances are definitely a defining factor. How math is presented makes a huge difference in how it is received.

Math is what we call a core subject. That means that math study is an integral part of all education. Math develops critical thinking skills, abstract concepts, process logic, and helps us put order to our thinking. Yes, it does involve numbers and number concepts, and even the manipulation of those numbers… but it is so much more than that. When students study math – it prepares them for many other school subjects along the way. Math helps them develop the crucial skills they need in order to think in an abstract manner. Many high school level courses require abstract understanding, logic, and critical thinking skills as a foundation for success, and all of these come from learning math.

Math is obviously very important, but this still doesn't change the fact that many people HATE math. The best advice to conquer this negative feeling toward math is to pull the old "switcheroo." When teaching a math concept the math challenge should always be present in an interesting manner as a puzzle. This frequently alleviates the stress that the student has put on themselves. Almost everyone loves a puzzle, and when we see a subject as something fun it definitely becomes less intimidating and more appealing! Making math fun, or at least interesting is the key to making it less hated! There are many ways to teach math painlessly from math flash cards to interactive math programs. There are limitless tools out there through curriculum and internet resources that will help you - help your child begin to LOVE math.
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Character Education Can Help Avoid Embarrassment

Ever happened to be in a store or restaurant where a child starts misbehaving and he is having a fit or his parents trying to discipline him thus catching everyone's attention? Throwing tantrums, whining, power struggles and yes, the list is endless. It's enough to drive every parent crazy. Moreover, those spectators tend to assume that parents are responsible for the child's bad behavior or character. Almost all of us seeing such a child should have definitely hoped that our own child should never behave as worse as that. It is teenagers or older children who very often receive the brunt of blame for their ill behavior even after their parents who had shaped their behavior and character. Who is to be blamed here? Is it the children who are to some extent capable of choosing their own behavior or is it their parents who are to a great degree have an influence on their character and behavior?

People often fail to question what bad behavior is. Why does this happen. A child whining or creating tantrums can simply be a sign that the parent is not properly attending to the child's needs and this can lead to an escalation of the misbehaviors and seldom fails to corrects them permanently. They do lack the training, experience, and understanding needed to behave properly in any given circumstance. Good behavior is usually determined by whether it's socially, culturally or developmentally appropriate. Knowing your child's expectations at each stage will definitely help you to decide whether his or her behavior is normal or not.

Parents should try different strategies for character education among their wards. And, it should begin when they are calm and the best place to begin is at home, the most secure place to practice proper discipline and character such as timeouts and denial to the likes of toys and treats. As mentioned above, home is the most secure place to start character education as parents won't receive any negative attention for teaching their children and moreover, children don't get distracted by the chaotic nature of public places. On the other hand, if a child misbehaves in a public space, he needs to be punished by the parents but only after removing him or her way from the public until proper behavior is observed. And, this is not a task that can be done as easy as it being said. Hence, they must aim to arrange situations where they can teach or punish their misbehaving children by removing them from a public arena. It is also imperative that parents implement age appropriate character education to correct their children's poor behavior before their children leave their influence and head out to adulthood.

As said above character education should start at home and it should only start from home even though it is included in the teaching curriculum at your child's school. Character education has a major role to play in molding your child's future and career. Character education often offers a child, simple, eloquent and even fun filled techniques to manage his or her aggressive behaviors. Character education helps to build self-esteem, resolve conflicts peacefully, encourages diversity tolerance and also practice core values.

So, the next time you see a child throwing tantrums at a store or at a restaurant, think the value of character education and the value that it brings. At least you can impart those values in your child and maybe you yourself can avoid being in an embarrassing situation as the parent of the child at the store.

By: Francis David

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Character Education Making the World a Better Place to Live

Surviving has always been a challenge in this competitive world. To win in all circumstances and be successful seems to be on everyone's mind. Being successful is generally synonymous to being famous or financially independent. But to be able to contribute to the society positively, we need individuals who believe not only in personal growth but growth of the entire society.

A couple of day's back I happened to be in a department store. A senior citizen had finished his shopping and was billing at the counter. He found a mistake in the bill, thus requested the staff to recheck. The young lad was extremely rude and did not apologize for the mistake. The old man was very upset and put across his grievance and left. I'm sure the shop owner would not have expected his staff to be so complacent. This shows the character of his staff; plainly insensitive.

Let us look at a positive example of character. This is an incident that has not washed away easily from my memory. While boarding a train I accidently dropped my wallet. When I realized it, it was too late. I assumed that I will never get it back. After almost a month, I found two young lads at my door. I didn't know them. I asked them, who they were and they said they had come to return the wallet. They had traced my address and had taken the pains to get it home for me. I was so touched.

We in our daily lives come across positive and negative examples of character. Why is building character so important even in today's competitive world? The rule of the jungle should not prevail if we claim that the society today is civilized. For a civilized, peaceful and prosperous society we need to build our future which has talent accompanied with character.

Developing character among children has been an integral part of growing up. Character was a result of the environment at home, at school, and interaction among peers. Now it is a part of formal education. Character education is developing character that is socially desirable and responsible. Character education is to develop positive emotions of altruism, and compassion. To train, to empathize, understand the power of forgiveness and learn to be grateful to the society, for the contribution that it has made towards individual growth. It helps to use our creative imagination through visualization.

We all want to be successful at what we do, and success brings happiness. But with the right character we develop the right attitude to tackle failures, because mistakes and failures are an integral part of learning.

May it be elders or children, we strive to be happy and character education helps to achieve all of this. Character education lays the foundation among children to develop beliefs that will benefit them all their life. We need to take ethical decision and set an example for our future. Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship, are the six pillars of character. School education has made these pillars an integral part of their curriculum. Schools are training children to develop these values in their lives and we can see a future that has talent, creativity and character. All of this will lead to a peaceful and prosperous society.

By: Francis David

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he Benefits of Online Learning

Spell there are all kinds of benefits that are associated with learning and furthering your educational goals there are still statesman benefits to those who wish to react online acquisition in prescribe to succeed those goals. I comic you instrument hear that more of these benefits are quite enlightening and carefully count whether or not online acquisition for your collateral education needs will be in your superfine interests.

1) Lavatory. This is a speech we are quite usual with. Paw along with instant gratification. We are a gild of group who get lived with road thru banking and prestissimo nutrient and are apace flaring in the instruction of aim thru pharmacies and dry cleansing. We elastic in a swift paced experience and when we can touch activity into our laboring schedules and on our own damage we undergo that this is something we run to like a lot. I suggest that you timepiece for a more their degrees and their careers.

2) Malleability. You can necessitate these classes or do the work during your meal occurrence, patch the kids are practicing football, or spell cookery dinner (depending of series on how excavation you multitask). You do not necessity to be in the schoolroom every nighttime at 6:00 pm for the incoming quint eld in organisation to get the very grade of instruction. This by no means indicates that you leave not know to do the energy. The process give not replace nor will th

dead the production. What gift alter is that you will get the deciding of doing the work in the greeting, afternoon, or after those 2 a.m. feedings when you can't seem to get hindmost to period.

3) Activity. There isn't sufficiency that can really be said some this. Online activity comes to you wherever you befall to be healthy to unite to the Cyberspace. Whether you are at base, at energy, or your challenger Cyberspace caf

4) Little Dear. No author suitability meals, service expenses, or gas guzzling trips to a college campus that cardinal minutes departed. You can now savor in your own institution the benefits of an activity without many of the business hardships that are oft associated with present college. Net operation seems like specified a littlest terms to pay when compared with all the reasons mentioned above.

5) Expect it or not, online courses refrain you brush up your online abilities. Earnestly. You gift be advisable at dealing with email, bulletin boards, online explore, and you will larn infinite opposite skills along the way that you probably never realized had anything to do with the courses you are actually taking-because they don't. In else line, you are deed much of an activity than you bargained for when it comes to online learning.

6) Particular attention. Online students ofttimes have writer one on one interaction with their professors than students in a schoolroom. The online classroom is virtual and compatibility through email is basal in this particular acquisition environment. For this reason it is quite possible that your professors gift pair writer near you and your learning patterns and needs than they instrument hump active most of the students they see two or triplet nowadays a period in their classrooms.

Piece these are retributive a few of the benefits of taking online classes you should carefully count the benefits with the things that may be questionable virtually this item write of acquisition state before you the start. Acquisition is a long process but if you are hunting a qualification you do not essential to menace that by winning a way that will not accost your specialised learning needs. If you feel positive that you can be undefeated in this part identify of acquisition environment than I conceive you will really bask the see and the malleability it brings to the educational transmute.

é you can possess the toilet of winning your operate with you and enjoying the surround in which you are completing your transform.
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Emotional Intelligence - Wow!

Emotional Intelligence Aint Common Sense

If you are involved in leading executive teams, the sale of product

or services, or teaching, you need the knowledge in a 15 year old book called Emotonal Intelligence, by Daniel Golemen.

So What

Fact: decision-making is only 20% logical and reasonable, and 80%

emotional. If you have not connected with the feelings of the person

you want to influence, persuade or convince – you fail.

Fact: decision-making requires seeing in your mind's eye owning and

enjoying the new product or service. Mental movies involve your right-

hemisphere – the seat of emotions and pattern recognition. No picture,

then no – Yes-decision.

The brain operates chemically and decides through mental imagery (pictures)

using our Limbic System (emotions).

Name Memory

If you want to alienate clients, avoid new social relationships and make enemies,

just mispronounce or fail to remember their name. It is a high-order insult.

Most of the memory tricks to remember names is too complicated for folks who

have a life. Here are a few that are easy-as-pie and really work in the real world.

1. Affirmation: if you mentally repeat three-times – "I Am Remembering

the names of people I meet today because it is important to my career,"

your attention is fixed on this goal.

Enter the room and quickly repeat 3x – "I am remembering the names of people I meet today because it is important to my career." Your non-conscious mind doubles your concentration to enhance this behavior.

1. As-If: If you Think-Feel-Act As-If you have a great working memory,

your brain accepts the challenge and makes it a reality. Thinking and feeling

so, in fact helps make it so. You activate your attention and concentration.

Make-believe you are an Actor and choose to influence and convince others.

1. Crazy but true: imagine the name of the person you meet Printed on their

forehead in large-sized letters. Repeat it silently as you read it from his/her

forehead – three-times and you own it.

1. Rhyming-Simon: John F. Kennedy used this memory trick to recall the names of folks he met daily. The name of his speed reading teacher was
2. Elton Y. Mears. He associated the name Elton with Elvis, Y with the symbol for a question, and he mentally imagined the professor with Big Ears! He whispered mentally (internal dialogue) "Professor Mears has Dumbo's big-ears!"

He never forgot Dr. Mears' name because he associated it with Disney's

character – Dumbo's gigantic ears. The rhyme makes it easy and fun.

Seven Ways to Get Folks to Hate You – Forever

First off, figure out how to remember these dangerous characteristics.

a) Blaming b) bribing c) complaining d) criticizing e) nagging

f) punishing g) threatening

Answer: put them in alphabetical order – B comes before C etc. Next,

create a simple, baby-easy mental picture of each negative tactic.

Example: "You did it. It is your fault. You're guilty!" Blaming.

Bribing: picture patting someone on the back and smiling at them, when

you would rather strangle them. We bribe others by false praise, not just

with filthy lucre.

See yourself filing a report Complaining about their behavior. Create your

own imagery (mental-pictures) with the last four. It is easy will stick like glue.

Remember this, when someone says to you, "please tell me the honest truth

about my article, speech or talent, folks will never, I mean NEVER, forget or

forgive your Criticism – especially if it is true. They will hate you forever.

If you are a parent and tell the truth (negative criticism) to your child,

it will require five-years of therapy from a certified psychiatrist to wipe

out their anger and hatred.


In a recent research study of attitudes toward school – in excess of 90%

admitted they HATED almost every day in class, and each of their teachers.

You are not supposed to admit you hate school because it is a principle of

faith in our left-brain Knowledge Economy that all you have came through

education. Maybe not, I would be bet on experience.

Why do we hate school and remember it as torture? Answer:

We were always in a subordinate, inferior, submissive position. How do you

like feeling humble and being controlled?

The teacher is the dominant person, top-dog, and master. That make us the

slave, subordinate and controlled, right?

So What

When we have negative feelings and moods our ability to learn and remember

is reduced up to 25%. How do you feel in an adult situation when others are

judging you leading to a positive or negative review?

Emotional intelligence requires a self-understanding and a powerful under-

standing of how others react to you. Mood and emotions are formed based

on how we see others treating us: we see their facial expressions, gestures,

posture and body language.

We copy what we see in others. Emotions are like a virus or the flu, it is

"catching". When we smile and are outgoing – it affects others in how they

react to learning and memory.


There is more practical, useful knowledge in the book Emotional Intelligence

than two more college degrees. Check it out.


Would it give you a competitive advantage to read-and-remember three (3)

books, articles and reports in the time others can hardly finish one?

Would it affect you studies and career?

Request our free –no strings attached report on Speed Reading. It can change

your life for the better.

See ya,

copyright © 2010 H. Bernard Wechsler

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