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Disadvantages of Home Schooling

If you are concerned about the education your child is receiving at either a public or private school, you may have considered the option of home schooling. There are many advantages to home schooling that are easy to think of, but in making your decision you must also consider the disadvantages. Yes, despite all the bonuses you can think of in home schooling your child, there are many disadvantages to the process.

Home schooling is a process that requires a massive amount of time and dedication. If you want to home school your child you must be present for a large part of the day. Kids are kids. Depending on how motivated by academic success your child is, he or she may not require constant supervision. However, in many studies, parental supervision is the key behind the success of home schooling programs.

Parents must also possess instructional skills or access to someone who can teach effectively. Simply putting your child in a room with textbooks will most likely result in home schooling failure. In addition, you will have to purchase materials that public and private schools provide for students.

There is also the need to be able to serve as guidance counselor as your child may require specialized instruction due to a learning disability. Public and private schools usually provide these services with qualified individuals.

One important benefit of an academic institution is the opportunity for children to become properly socialized. Attending school with other children from all walks of life leads to the development of social skills. One of the disadvantages of home schooling is the relative isolation children have from their peers.

Many parents find comfort in blaming the educational system for the shortcomings in their child's academic performance. If you choose to home school you will be accepting full responsibility for the outcome of your child's education. This is more of a burden than it seems. Studies have shown that many home schooling ventures fail due to the fact that the home generally lacks qualified educators. Many parents have gripes about teachers, but the fact is that they generally have to teach large classes filled with children with diverse learning needs. In addition, certified educators have taken teaching classes and have passed state examinations to receive their teaching certificates.

When you approach the issue of home schooling you must examine both sides. Sure, there are plenty of advantages, but if you forget to look into the disadvantages, you may be setting yourself up for failure.
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How to wear a Graduation Hood?

Each level of degree has different hoods. Degree holder person wear different hoods of different color and in different style like MA degree holder wear Black silk, lined with white silk, BA degree holder wear Black silk, edged with orange silk and bordered inside, within the orange edging, with white cloth 12mm wide and PhD degree holder the Doctor's Scarlet cloth gown distinguished by white silk facings and sleeve linings. Sleeves will have a white tassel and button, and John Knox Cap.

Academic Regalia Guide- There are many resources where you can get much knowledge about the academic regalia guide. Look at some of the pictures of faculty like Arkansas, Harcourt, Calvin, Wisconsin, Cornell and D.M.A academic regalia. How to wear academic regalia hoods:- Academic dress today generally consists of a gown also known as academic choir robes or choir robe gowns quail with a (usually separate, unattached) hood, and sometimes a cap. When wearing academic dress, it is usual to dress formally and soberly beneath the gown; so, for example, males would typically wear a dark suit with a white shirt and tie or military or national dresses, and females would wear equivalent attire.

How to Wear a Hood - The hood should be placed over your head so that it drapes off your shoulders and over the back of your gown. The velvet border should be on the outside as shown in the pictures. Be sure the lining of the hood is turned out so that the color(s) identifying the institution which conferred your degree are prominently displayed. This can be done by turning the velvet trim to the out side at the back just below your shoulders. The cord on the back of your hood will keep your hood in place. The cord in the front of your hood is provided to keep the hood away from your neck, fasten the cord to a dress button or the gown zipper.

Protocol for wearing Academic Hoods- A custom established in the 14th century, modern-day scholars display their academic achievements by wearing academic graduation hoods commencements and other important academic ceremonies. All university regalia strictly comply with the guidelines set forth by the Committee on Academic Customs and Ceremonies, appointed in 1959 by the American Council on Education.
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Influence of Television on a Person

In the twenty first century technology is developing very fast. Advanced technological wonders still surprise us and make us wanting more and more comfort that they create. One of them is television that became popular all over the world now and there is no country, region or village where people don’t know what a TV is. It is also considered that Television has both advantages and disadvantages and for one it is very difficult to decide what to watch and if to watch at all. Certainly, television is the main source of information.

Daily people listen and watch a short news sequence that provides us with the necessary information and keeps informed during the day. Also, no doubt, television is the way to entertain oneself, for it offers a variety of possibilities to have fun sitting on your couch and relaxing. Another way to capture people’s minds on a live TV screen is advertisement. Commercials have become inseparable part of broadcasting and live coverage. Even favorite movies are interrupted by short ad. Though commercials are what holds television together and there’s nobody who can prove this wrong. Besides there have to be some ways to show what lies on the shelves at supermarkets. When it comes to disadvantages one may prepare for a long story, but after all, despite these trifles we continue to do it, no matter what we are said.

It is harmful to stay in front of the TV for a long time. It spoils our eyes and health, doctors say. But the same thing happens when we read articles or interesting narrative essays for a long time. Same story with the computer, nothing harms our sight this much. As for the information that we constantly see on TV, it is a miracle how one can watch it without getting crazy. Indeed, if to watch three or more reality shows in a row it makes you at first confused than frustrated and then constantly unsatisfied and angry. It is also same story with movies. It is almost impossible to find a movie without blood spilling around and angry man fighting for God knows what. Of course a nice narrative essay can be put aside when something similar comes up. Now movies are rated, but who pays attention to that little geometric figure in the corner of your screen? As soon as movie is good, nobody cares to think about its influence on their children.

Television makes people physically inactive. It is impossible to stand up and go for a walk when your favorite soap opera is coming up. You leave everything undone and rush to see what happens next and stay glued to the screen till it’s over. Then another are another comes and you slowly but surely turn into a couch potato with health problems as in mental, as in physical field. What makes us glue ourselves to the TV screen and go to bed with a TV on? It’s quite time to break the habit and start reading something useful, for example, the article about harm and advantages of watching TV.
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Learning How to Arc Weld is Fun and Easy

Learning how to weld is really not that difficult. Most welders learn arc welding first. The easiest way to start welding is simply by practicing. You can pickup a cheap arc welder from somewhere like harborfreight tools. It will cost you under $120.

You will also need a welding helmet, welding gloves, a heavy jacket and some welding rods. Take my advice, spend the extra money and get an auto darkening helmet. It will make learning so much easier. You will also want to get a supply of scrap steel to practice on. This can be picked up at a scrap yard.

Now that you have all the supplies, its time to weld. Find an appropriate area, somewhere outdoors, without anything flammable around. Secure your scrap steel to some kind of table at a comfortable working height. Attach the ground to the steel. Place the welding rod in the other clamp. Put on your heavy jacket, gloves, helmet and thick pants. Turn on the welder, set it at somewhere around 80 amps to start with.

To start the arc you want to jab the electrode at the steel, then slightly pull back. If it sticks, break it free and try again. If it continues to stick, turn the amps up.

Once you have an arc going you will need to feed the electrode into it to maintain the arc. You want it about 1/4 of an inch from the metal. When it is at the right distance it will make a crackling noise. If it is too far away it will be more of a popping noise, with sparks and metal flying in all directions. If it is too close, it will stick to the metal.

The first thing you want to practice is simply laying a bead on a single piece of metal. Once you have that down, you can move on to connecting two pieces of metal together.

Remember, when learning how to weld safety comes first! You can instantly cause permament eye damage from looking at the arc without a helmet on. Also welding fumes are highly toxic. Be sure any bystanders are aware of this.

If you are interested in learning welding as a career or a hobby, "The Welding

Bible" is an excellent resource. It explains in detail everything you need to go from beginner to pro.

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If you are interested in learning welding as a career or a hobby, "The Welding

is an excellent resource. It explains in detail everything you need to go from beginner to pro.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ - Learning How to Arc Weld is Fun and Easy

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